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Great Escapes RV Resorts Makes a Big Splash with the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

July 20, 2023

Houston, TX – July 20, 2023 – Great Escapes RV Resorts is excited to announce the successful participation in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL), held on June 22, 2023. Six of our managed, premier camping resorts, including Jellystone Park Warrens, Jellystone Park Mark Twain, Jellystone Park West Georgia, Jellystone Park Pelahatchie, Jellystone Park Columbus North, and Jellystone Park North Port Huron, joined forces to make a significant impact in promoting water safety and education.

With a collective effort, Great Escapes RV Resorts provided a safe and enjoyable environment for 113 participants to learn vital swimming skills. The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson is an annual global event aimed at raising awareness about water safety and drowning prevention, targeting individuals of all ages and skill levels.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of this incredible initiative,” said Troy Sheppard, COO at Great Escapes RV Resorts. “Water safety is of utmost importance, and our team was proud to contribute to this important cause. Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, and participating
in events like the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson aligns perfectly with our commitment to their well-being.”

Each of the participating campground resorts played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event. By leveraging their top-notch facilities, expert staff, and dedication to safety, the camping resorts provided an ideal setting for participants to acquire essential swimming skills and build confidence in and around the water.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL) represents a significant milestone in Great Escapes RV Resorts’ ongoing commitment to promoting water safety. By actively participating in such initiatives, the company reaffirms its dedication to fostering a culture of safety, education, and community engagement. “We would like to extend our gratitude to the staff, participants, and everyone involved in making this event a resounding success,” added Sheppard. “Their enthusiasm and support have been instrumental in creating an impactful experience for all. We hope that the skills learned during this event will serve as a foundation for a lifetime of water safety.”

Great Escapes RV Resorts remains committed to providing exceptional experiences for campers across its network of premier camping resorts. With a continued focus on safety and educational programs, the company looks forward to future opportunities to contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of its valued guests.

For more information about World’s Largest Swimming LessonTM and its commitment to water safety initiatives, please visit,

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